Top 5 problems naturism faces in 2021 — 7 Comments

  1. Your video link and comments address many key issues. I see nudism as a dying movement in the US, at least on a general level. Where I live in the Midwest, I am not welcome as a single dad to nudist resorts without bringing birth certificates and signed papers from my ex-wife. It’s easier to get a passport and nudist organizations don’t respect my parental rights. That means my sons are more likely to consider nudism an uptight form of discrimination vs. a sense of freedom. The European naturism is on the other hand more about having a casual on/off relationship with clothes.
    The irony with Hector Martinez is that whereas he’s critical of the private nature of nudism in organizations, he demands you subscribe to him on Patreon to hear his views. He’s in it for the money.

    • Thank Anders for your comments.

      I was not aware that discrimination of single men was so intense in the US. Is this approved by AANR?

      Regarding Hector Martinez, I don’t believe he is in it to make a fortune. I understand his frustration about YouTube deleting his successful channel and the struggle he has had ever since to gain back his audience.

  2. “So I say: All who enjoy being naked without getting sexual, call themselves a naturist”.
    We are big fans of that idea, but it just doesn’t seem to work. We’ve tried this (and are still trying) on Naked Wanderings as well. The main problem seems to be that naturism used to be such a strict and defined philosophy and that the long term naturists are just not willing to compromise. On Facebook, there’s this Dutch guy who keeps saying that we are hedonists and should not call ourselves naturists. Mostly because we often visit commercial naturist centers and take airplanes to get there. We understand his point, from the original “living in harmony with nature” idea, what we do isn’t very naturist…
    Another example is the president of the INF-FNI, who said in her speech on the international naturist congress of 2018 and then again on the online naturist forum in 2020 that naturists and “nude swimmers” can live next to each other, but never together.
    We wonder if this will ever change. If we can move towards something like vegetarianism. Vegetarians don’t eat meat for many different reasons and yet, they all share the same term. But who knows, maybe they also have internal struggles…

    • I really like the words “without getting sexual”. It does not deny that naturists like sex. After all we are just normal human beings.

      It is good to remember where naturism came from and what it used to stand for. The meaning of words can change through time. At this moment I am more concerned about the abuse of the words naturist and nudist in a sexual context.

  3. Erik,

    You wrote: “The word nudist has already been hijacked by the porn industry”. Really? Would you care to document that assertion? I don’t think that, at least in the US, even the word “stripper” would automatically be taken to mean “porn worker”.

    On a related subject: In Mexico, “naturista” has been co-opted by “natural medicine” and “natural food” peddlers, so we who like to be nude have no option but to call ourselves “nudistas”, and no one would infer a connection to pornography.



    • Thanks for you message Gerardo!

      The reason I say “nudist” is hijacked by the porn industry is based on the massive use of the word “naturist” as a word to promote their merchandise. Just google for “nudist meeting” or “nudist video”. The search results from Google are obviously very different in different parts of the world. And there is the huge amount of Twitter porn accounts that use #naturist. Less use #naturism.

      Regarding the Mexican “naturista” you do have a point. Unless we all speak Esperanto I guess this issue with one word having different meanings will always exist. If we want to choose one single word for the entire planet, there will always be people who have to adopt something new.

    • There is definitely some truth in that. Google has been doing a massive cleanup in 2020, but before that, if you Googled “nudist family” you ended up with lots of sites selling pictures of naked children. A search for “nudist beach” then again showed you images that you wouldn’t even find at Cap d’Agde…

      With “naturism”, this was slightly better. The main reason for this is that those websites aimed mostly at the public from the USA, where nudist is the most accepted term.

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