Naturism is quite popular in The Netherlands. In summer naturist beaches are a great place to be completely textile free. All year round swimming pools organize naturist swim hours. In saunas nudity is considered normal. There are several naturist sports groups and also naturist yoga is organized. This page tells you more about naturism in our beautiful country.

Let’s start with a personal selection of naturist places in and around Amsterdam:

  1. Het Marnix – pool
    Marnixplein 1, 1015 ZN Amsterdam
    Naturist swim every Tuesday, 21:15 – 22:45 h.
  2. Sportfondsenbad Oost – pool
    Land van Cocagneplein 44, 1093 NB Amsterdam
    Naturist swim every Sunday morning 8:30 – 9:45 h.
  3. Zuiderbad – pool
    Hobbemastraat 26, 1071 ZC Amsterdam
    Naturist swim every Sunday 16:15 -17:30 h.
  4. Zonneweide Amsterdamse Bos – meadow
    Blekerskade, Amstelveen
    Official naturist location in the forest of Amsterdam. No facilities. It is just a field in the forest. Free entrance.
  5. Het Twiske – beach
    Noorderlaaik 8, 1511 BX Oostzaan
    The name of this official naturist beach is Baaiegatstrand, although nobody knows this name… You can swim in the lake and there is a small sandy beach. Further is mostly grass.
    Het Twiske
  6. De Nieuwe Meer / Oeverlanden – gay nudist area
    Oude Haagseweg, Amsterdam
    I am not sure if I should mention this place, but it is the closest nudist place near my house (just 3 km). It is primarily known as a gay cruising area, but on a warm summer day it can be so busy that it is impossible to cruise. Then it becomes more an open air café. It is close to a main highway and close to the airport at well, so not very quiet.
    De Nieuwe Meer / Oeverlanden
  7. Spaarnwoude – tiny lake beach
    Genieweg, Velsen-Zuid
    Official naturist beach. Small pond for swimming. A highway is nearby, so it is not very quiet. Free entrance and free parking.
  8. Gaasperplas – meadow
    Gaasperplas, Amsterdam Zuidoost
    Official naturist “beach” although there is no access to the water. No facilities.
  9. IJmuiden and Bloemendaal beach
    One of my favorites! The naturist beaches of IJmuiden and Bloemendaal are seperated by a small (250 meter) textile zone. On a warm summer day the textile sunbathers flow over to the naturist beaches because these are much more quiet and spacious. The naturists don’t bother.
  10. Naked yoga for men
    Okido Center, Van Ostadestraat 387, 1074 VX Amsterdam
    Every Wednesday naked yoga for men. Start: 20:15 h
  11. Zandvoort beach
    Popular naturist beach. This is the only beach in the Amsterdam area with a train station. For me it is too crowded here. I prefer to go to less busy places.
  12. Bergen aan Zee beach
    This is one of my favourite naturist beaches. The beach is wide (specially at low tide) and very quiet. There is always a lot of space.
    Bergen aan Zee
  13. Langevelderslag beach
    Langevelderslag, Noordwijk
    The beach is not as wide as IJmuiden and Bergen aan Zee. The great advantage is the easy access by car to this beach. Payed parking only € 3 per day (in 2016).
    Several restaurants close to the car park.
  14. Laakse Strand – lake beach
    Wielseweg or Rassenbeekweg, Zeewolde
    A good alternative if it is too cold at the coastal beaches. It is possible to swim, but there are a lot of plants in the water. The water is not very deep, so after a few warm days in spring it can already be nice to swim here.
    Payed parking at the end of Wielseweg or free parking at the end of Rassenbeekweg.
    Laakse Strand
  15. Zilverstrand, Almere – lake beach
    Re-opened 1 May 2018 after road works of the A6 motorway.
    Quite some noise from the motorway, but a good choice if you drive by on a hot day. Good water to swim.
  16. Brediusbad – open air pool
    Spaarndammerdijk 306, 1013 ZX Amsterdam
    Only summer season: Clothing optional swim Tuesday and Thursday morning 7.00 – 9.00 h.
  17. Wijk aan Zee beach
    The naturist beach is north of the village.
    Wijk aan Zee
  18. Geestmerambacht lake beach
    Klaregroetweg 1, 1723 PW Langedijk
    Just north of the city of Alkmaar is this lake with several beaches, including a small naturist beach. This is a perfect place to swim. Free parking. Toilet and restaurants.
  19. Fort Vuren river beach
    Waaldijk 29a, 4214 LB Vuren
    Not an official nudist beach. What I like most of this beach is the location. The river Waal is the connection between Rotterdam and Germany. So many ships pass by. No facilities.
    Fort Vuren
  20. Spa Zuiver – sauna
    Koenenkade 8, 1081 KH Amsterdam
    Modern luxurious spa.
  21. Sauna van Egmond
    Van Egmondstraat 4, 2024 XM Haarlem
    Popular sauna.
  22. Amsterdamse Lichtbond (ALB)
    Loodijk 30, 1244 NL Ankeveen
    Naturist association with its own grounds for daytime recreation. Make sure to read the website before you visit them.


Naturist beaches

Along the coast of the North Sea are many naturist beaches. As everywhere they are the longest walk from the parking area and city center… That makes them also the quietest and cleanest beaches of the country.

Many lakes have a naturist beach too. Some have basic facilities, like toilets.

The website is the most complete and up to date listing of all naturist beaches in The Netherlands.

The (un)written rules at the naturist beach

  • no photography
  • no staring
  • keep your distance
  • take your trash with you
  • no (loud) music
  • at many beaches dogs are not allowed


Naturist swim

[work in progress…..]



Naturist sports


Naturist yoga



In saunas it is Amsterdam: