MeWe used to be a great place for naturists. Until they recently started to remove naturist groups.

This is what I said about Mewe before

MeWe is a great alternative for Facebook and Instagram. Why? Because they allow naturists and nudists to express themselves as they are. Without blurring bodyparts. See my blog post about MeWe for more information and the other advantages MeWe has to offer.

But MeWe is not perfect… It is very hard to find the groups with genuine naturists and nudists. So that’s why I maintain this list.

On MeWe groups come and go. Just like everywhere else… From time to time I check all listed groups to see if they still meet the criteria to be listed. Unfortunately not all MeWe group moderators

Criteria to be listed as a MeWe Naturist / Nudist group

These criteria were chosen by me to make sure the list does not get too long. And obviously only genuine naturist groups are listed.

A group can be listed if it meets all these criteria:

  • It is about genuine naturism / nudism
  • It is well moderated
  • The group is alive, vivid and interesting
  • No voyeurism, erotica or porn
  • The group has at least 100 members
  • Original content. Not only reposts. Only photos posted with consent of the visible person(s). Credit photographers if the person posting is not the photographer.


If the group is using the Naturist Symbol (for example in the header), the group gets bonus points!

About the list

Every group has a group description. But you can only see it after you have been approved as member of the group! It is hidden behind the “i” in the top right corner of the group’s main page. (see image below)

MeWe groups explanation

Hopefully MeWe will fix this error soon. In the mean time, to make life a little bit easier, I took the freedom to take (a selection) from every group’s information. So you know what you can expect in each group.

In italic is my personal comment about the group.

The (number) in brackets is the amount of members of the group.

This list was last updated 17 November 2022. As you can see, some groups are gone!



Send a message on my MeWe profile Natams if you know or run a MeWe group about naturism that meets these criteria and should be listed here.


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