There are three ways to rent a bicycle in Amsterdam.

  1. The modern way: Bike rental with an app.
  2. The old fashioned way: Go to a bike rental company, which you find many in the city.
  3. If you have a personal public transport chip card: OV-fiets, available at most railway stations.

1. Bike rental with an app

After a quick introduction in 2017, there were too many problems with these bikes. There were too many of them and they blocked the sideways very often. It is not clear if a new system will be introduced…

2. Bike rental companies

Just Google bike rental Amsterdam. Enough companies to choose from.
You get your own bike and it will always be available where you left it. Make sure to lock it!
Average price is 10 euros per day.

3. OV-fiets

Only if you have a personal public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart)you can use these cheap bikes.
OV-fiets (= public transport bike) is operated by the railway company NS. Bikes are available from most railway stations and have to be returned there. There is no guarantee if a bike is available..
If you are visiting Amsterdam for just a few days, this is not an interesting option.

Please be careful!

Because the locals complain so much about inexperienced cycling tourists, this video was made and is now shown in hotels and other places where tourists stay.

The serious part in this video is from minute 1:40 until minute 3:00. Look at it!!!


Bike parking in Amsterdam


Make sure to park your bike in a desgnated area!