Erik AmsterdamHi! Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Erik, a 52 year old single gay man. I don’t smoke, don’t use drugs, don’t drink alcohol and I am not religious.

As a freelance photographer I work from home (the photo studio is on the 2nd floor) and of course everywhere customers need me.

I enjoy bike riding, swimming, the sea, nature and the sun.

I have been a naturist all my life. That was very easy, since my parents are naturists as well. As a young boy it was completely natural for me to take of my clothes when we arrived at a beach or camping site.

I remember one time a hot day during a holiday. We arrived at a camping site after a long drive. My brother and I took our clothes off as soon as we got out of the hot car. “No boys!”, my mother said, “here you have to wear clothes!” It did not make any sense to us…

Where my parents practice naturism mostly during holidays, I prefer to be naked when and where it is possible.

Erik in garden


How I practice naturism

At home I only wear clothes to stay warm. In winter I don’t heat the house just to be naked. I keep room temperature at 19 degrees, to save energy. When I have a B&B guest, the temperature will be higher, so it is comfortable to be naked.

My garden is facing south/south-west and offers a lot of privacy and is well protected from the wind. Already in early spring one can enjoy the sun completely naked on the terrace.

As I write here, in and around Amsterdam are many places where naturism is officially allowed. That’s always a safe choice to be able to relax completely in the buff. But I like the freedom to be naked everywhere and not only at a (sometimes small) designated area. So when the weather is nice, I take my car and/or bike and go to remote places. When there are no people around, I take my clothes off.

Naked cyclist

On my trips I always take my camera with me. Although it became my profession in 2008, photography is still my biggest hobby too. In my photography I want to promote naturism by showing how normal it is to do activities the naturist way.

In my photography are a few themes that always return. In random order: impressive men made objects (like buildings and bridges), abandoned buildings (urban exploring,  urbex), landscapes and the wonders of nature in general. Symmetry is something you can find in a lot of my work.

Normally summer is the least busy season for my work as a business photographer. A few years ago I bought a camper van and every summer I make a road trip in Europe. Some of the highlights of those trips are posted on my social media (see below).

naturist camper van

During those trips I skip the large cities and go to remote places. I like hiking in the mountains, making long trips on the bicycle and exploring river banks, lakes and the coast. Water has a large attraction to me. Whenever it is possible, I swim or just take a quick skinny dip. No matter how cold the water is. And all these activities are obviously done with as little textile as possible.

Naturist Bed and Breakfast

When I started hosting on Airbnb, everybody was welcome. It is great to meet people from all over the world and hear their stories. But it felt awkward to put on clothes. Specially on a hot summer day, just because there was a guest in my own house. So in 2019 I decided to only welcome naturists. And until now this is still the only naturist Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam.

What I like about my house is that it is close to the center of Amsterdam, where all the action is, but still far away from it to feel completely relaxed. My favorite place is the garden. It is facing south, so the sun is shining here all day. In summer a great place for naturists. You can enjoy the sun completely naked on the terrace! Not many houses in Amsterdam can offer this…




Social media

The two main reasons to use (naturist) social media for me are to stay informed about worldwide developments regarding naturism and to promote naturism with my photography.

These are the social media that I use frequently:

Twitter: @NatAmsNL

MeWe: Naturist Amsterdam

ErikAmsterdam on Oh!Naturist  (Oh!Naturist does not support direct links to profiles)


I have also these social media profiles, but don’t use them as much as the ones mentioned above.

Instagram: naturistamsterdam

TrueNudists: ErikAmsterdam